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End Of Xiaoshan District, Hangzhou City And Strive To Achieve The Gas Network Coverage


Reporters learned from the district construction Bureau gas management office, at present, apart from the towers, pipe network has basically covered all town I Street, will strive to achieve full coverage by the end of this year.

Piped natural gas belonging to planned energy price and supply deployment centrally by the Government, compared to other energy sources, piped natural gas is an environmentally friendly, clean, convenient, safe and stable supply of green energy. In recent years, Xiaoshan attaches great importance to strengthening the construction of clean energy, more than 10 years, has built more than 1000 km of gas network, user total ventilation 125,000 households, and supporting 170,000 units, ventilation area to 275.

يقال أنه وفقا للخطة الخاصة لمقاطعة شياوشان ، وهانغتشو سيتي الغاز ، ومن المتوقع أن يصل معدل التغويز بحلول خط الأنابيب في عام 2015 إلى 65 ٪ ، في عام 2020 سوف تصل إلى 80 ، ومن المتوقع في عام 2015 ، قدرة المستخدم شياوشان من 400 مليون متر مكعب من الغاز الطبيعي ، السكان المدنيين من 700،000.