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HDPE Pipe To Ensure Its Firmness


من الداخل والخارج من الداخل والخارج ، سوف نستخدم أنابيب HDPE ، ثم اقتصادها كيف يمكننا ، من الجوانب التالية لإجراء تحليل مقارن ، بحيث يمكنك تحليل اقتصادها بشكل أفضل ، ثم نأتي معا لنرى الوضع المحدد أولا ، في بناء الوقت ، هو أكثر صعوبة ، لأنه من أجل ضمان اتصال جيد من الحزم ، وبالتالي فإن استخدام اتصال تذوب الساخنة ، من خلال هذا النوع من الاتصال ، على الرغم من أن أكثر استقرارا ، ولكن التكلفة كبيرة نسبيا ، ثم من منظور الاتصال للتحليل ، واقتصادها منخفض جدا ، لإنفاق الكثير من التكلفة. الثانية ، من استخدام نطاق التحليل المذكور أعلاه ، أنابيب HDPE مع خصائص مقاومة للحرارة ، مقاومة للتآكل بهذه الطريقة ، يمكنك في بيئات أكثر قساوة للاستخدام ، لذلك عند استخدامها سوف يقلل من استخدام التكلفة ، ثم من وجهة النظر هذه ، hdpe الاقتصاد هو أفضل ، يمكن أن تستوعب المزيد من النطاق. ثالثا ، من نقطة خدمة الحياة عرض ، وعمره عادة حوالي 50 عاما بالمقارنة مع المواد الأخرى ، خط الأنابيب ، وهذه المرة طويلة جدا

We have to use the different circumstances, according to different ways to connect this can be better to ensure its use, the following we come to see what we can follow the way to connect hdpe pipe, the following for everyone to introduce several of the most Common way. First, the way of hot-melt docking, this way is to use the hot plate for heating and welding, and then bonding together in each other, the correct approach is that we have to wait for cooling after the connection together, so only Can ensure its firmness, in this way, both the pipeline can be fully connected together, more importantly, it can also reduce the cost of construction, so this is the most common way, construction is extremely Second, if we think that this way is too much trouble, the connection steps are more, we can use the fuse connection, we can install the fuse on the pipe above, so that it can make its surface heat , In this way, we can quickly integrate them, the most important thing is that such a connection, you can better guarantee its strength, Like it can enhance its service life, but in the process connection, the accuracy is not very high.

When we are hdpe pipe construction is to pay attention to a lot of things, and only pay attention to good to ensure that the pipe in the use of the time when there is no problem, so very important, then the construction time to pay attention to what, today Give you a briefing, so that everyone will be in the construction of a lot of convenience.First is to pay attention to do the excavation work, generally in the installation of HDPE Pipe is required to dig out the groove before, so that the pipe placed in the groove In the construction of the time to do such a job, so that the latter part of the material can be carried out quite smoothly.Secondly in the hdpe pipe laying when we also have to pay attention to do a good job Material protection, usually in the construction of the time if not pay attention to the case is likely to cause damage to the HDPE Pipe, and want to ensure the quality of future use, in the laying of the time when there must not be any quality problems, otherwise it will bring very Serious impact, and to be careful to some of these. I believe that these do, HDPE Pipe construction is no problem, we should pay attention to do a good job.